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The Planning Department assists property owners, residents, businesses, and development interests in interpreting the town's regulations and requirements for land use in the community related to:

• Enforcement of ordinances, regulations, and requirements relating to land use and site planning to ensure environmental protection, preserve community character, and promote best development practices as were intended by their creation
• Administration of the process for changes in a parcel's zoning
• Government of all divisions of property, as well as requirements for their design and service, under the town's subdivision code
• Maintenance of the town's GIS program and all official town maps
• Administration of property maintenance requirements to ensure that existing land, buildings, and structures are maintained at a minimum level, thereby guaranteeing the value of the improvement is preserved, and the surrounding neighborhood character is protected.


• Municipal Planning and Permitting
• Long Range Strategic Planning
• Zoning Permits
• CAMA Minor Permits
• Building Inspections
• Building Permits
• Code Enforcement
• Conditional Use Permits