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Police Emblem“The mission of the Navassa Police Department is the protection of life and property; and to reduce crime in our communities within the Town of Navassa. The mission will be accomplished through reasonable and prudent law enforcement and the quality of service to the public based upon high ethical, professional, and legal standards.”



Notice to Navassa Residents

On October 20th, 2011, the Navassa Town Council adopted a set of ordinances to help improve public safety in the Town of Navassa. The ordinances will take effect July 1, 2012 and will allow the Police Department to issue fines for different offences. The following offences will have a fine if a police officer issues a citation:

False Alarms on private alarm systems:

• First Offense is Warning,
• $50 fine for second offense
• $25 additional dollars per each additional offense up to $250.00


• Maximum fine of $1,000
• Minimum fine of $100

Unsafe Discharge of Firearms: $50 fine

Disturbing Public Meetings: $50 fine

Damaging Town Property: $50 fine

Smoking in Municipal Buildings: $50 fine

Public Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages: $50 fine

Damaging Park Facilities: $50 fine

Forced Entry into Locked Restroom: $10 fine

Digging or Removing Soil or Tress at Parks: $50 fine

Damaging Trees, Shrubs, or Lawns at Parks: $50 fine

Injuring Animals or Birds and Feeding Alligators: $50 fine

Leaving Trash at Parks: $100 fine

Disobeying Park Traffic Regulations: $10 fine

Improper Use of Flammable Materials or Flames at Parks: $50 fine

Disturbing or Interfering with Others at Parks: $50 fine

Unleashed Pets and Improper Disposal of Waste: $25 fine

Entering Closed Park Areas: $50 fine

Using Illegal Substances or Drinking Alcohol in Parks: $50 fine

Speeding: $50 fine

Disobeying Traffic Control Devices: $50 fine

Anyone who is issued a fine may appeal, in writing, to the Town Administrator within 30 days. If the fine is not paid, or appeal, within 30 days, a $20.00 late fee will be applied. After 90 days, if the fine and late fee is not paid, the Town may recover the fine in civil court. To read the full text of the ordinances click on the link below.