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Wave Transit has created a new, flexible rideshare service, named RideMICRO, that connects portions of Brunswick, Pender, and New Hanover Counties. FAQ are listed below:

Q:  How can I RideMICRO?

A:  You can book an on-demand ride by calling the following toll-free number:  1-844-764-1223

Q:  Who can RideMICRO? 

A:  Anyone who lives, works, or travels within the service area!  There are no other requirements.

Q:  When can I RideMICRO?

A:  6am - 9am & 4pm - 7:30pm.  Expanded service hours coming soon.  Check for the latest information.

Q:  Where can I RideMICRO?

A:  Service areas will be rolling out through Spring 2022!  Check for maps and the latest information.

RideMICRO is FARE FREE through Veterans Day 2021!