Planning, Land Use, and Zoning Division

The following links serve as a quick access point to Land Use and Environmental maps applicable to the Town of Navassa:


Navassa Official Zoning Map                         Collector Street Map                                                

Navassa Futue Land Use Map                        Special Flood Hazard Area

The Planning, Land Use, and Zoning Division provides oversight of the development of current and long range policy and planning documents that guide the town's decisions concerning land development and growth-related activities. The Division develops and maintains regulatory ordinances to implement the adopted policies of the town. Planning & Zoning also provides review, research, and recommendations based on policy and ordinance provisions for development-related requests to the Town Council, Planning Board, and other appointed citizen committees.


Zoning Compliance Form          Text Amendment                                Planned Unit Development Rezoning and/or Plat

Minor Subdivision                        Map Amendment (Rezoning)  

Major Subdivision                        Special Use

The following links provide access to the Town of Navassa current and longe range policies and plans concerning all land development and growth-related activities in specific areas of Town:

Land Development Policies                    Land Use Planning Documents                         Common Appendixes

Zoning Ordinance                                               2011-2030 Future Land Use Plan                             Table of Permitted Uses

Subdivision Ordinance                                      Gateway Plan                                                                    Table of Dimensional Requirements

Phase II Stormwater Ordinance                     Collector Street Plan                                                      Table of Subdivision Certificates

Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance          Comprehensive Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan          Table of Required Improvements

Contact Information

Director of Planning and Development

Barnes Sutton, CFM, CZO


Phone: 910-371-2432 ext 104