Building Permits and Inspections Division

75 Courthouse Drive (Building I)
Open 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Call (910) 253-2021 for all building permit related matters
Email to submit digital plans, or for information on inspections or permitting matters

The  Building Permits and Inspections Division is dedicated to contributing to public safety by insuring compliance with the North Carolina State Building Code including plumbing, mechanical, and electrical installations. Effective October 2, 2020 Town of Navassa building inspections and permitting will be done by Brunswick County. The Town of Navassa Planning Department will be happy to assist with you any building permit or inspection needs.

Once a Zoning Compliance has been received, permit applications may be submitted to Brunswick County through their online portal.

Permitting Process:

Before you can obtain a permit from Brunswick County, the Town of Navassa must issue an approval for the permit. 

1. Zoning Compliance Approval - The Zoning Compliance Application is used for all projects including new construction, repairs and upfits, and all trade work. An approved Zoning Compliance Application from the Town of Navassa must be submitted to Brunswick County before the permit can be issued. Examples of projects requiring Zoning Compliance Approval are:

  • A new single family home, manufactured home, or modular home
  • Any new addition to a single family home, manufactured home, or modular home
  • Any new construction for commercial and industrial buildings
  • A new accessory structure or utility shed
  • A new deck or porch, or the expansion of an existing deck or porch
  • A new swimming pool
  • HVAC changeout
  • Replacement of ductwork
  • Water heater changeout
  • Remodeling of the interior of an existing structure
  • New electrical wiring of an existing structure
  • Replace of interior plumbing of an existing structure

Zoning Compliance Forms are given at Navassa Town Hall. Please stop by Town Hall or call Barnes Sutton, Town Planner at 910-371-2432 ext 104 for information on receiving the approval form.


Zoning Compliance                            Sign Permit

Residential Permit Package             Filming Permit

Commercial Permit Package

Code Enforcement

Violations of the Town of Navassa Zoning Ordinance shall constitute a misdemeanor and/or at the election of the Town, shall subject the violator to civil penalties and/or where permitted by law, equitable remedies for said violation as hereinafter provided. Upon determination of a violation of any section of this Ordinance the penalty for which is a civil penalty, the Town shall cause a notice of violation to be issued to the violator by the appropriate official of the Town and served on the violator or his agent, either in person or by first class United States mail, postage prepaid and addressed to the last known address of the violator as contained in the records of the Town or as obtained from the violator or his agent.

If you have witnessed a violation within the Town of Navassa and would like to report, please submit this form to