Planning, Building, and Zoning Applications

Planning, Building, and Zoning Fee Schedules:

Click on the link to the right to download the Town of Navassa's adopted fee schedule for the Planning Department. Water and wastewater impact fees and rates can be found on the Public Works Department page.

Zoning Applications

Click on the links to the right in order to download various zoning applications.

Subdivision Applications:

Click on the links to the right in order to download various subdivision applications.

A major subdivision is a subdivision of six (6) lots or more, or any subdivision not meeting the requirements of a minor subdivision.

A minor subdivision is a subdivision containing not more than five (5) lots including any residual parcels of land, where:
(1) All proposed parcels of land meet the requirements of this ordinance;
(2) No new streets are required to serve any proposed lots;
(3) No extension of public utilities are needed for the development of any proposed lots;
(4) No major drainage improvements will be required to develop any lots;
(5) The subdivision will not adversely affect the future development of adjoining property; and
(6) No parcel has been subdivided as a minor subdivision in the last three (3) years.

Text Amendment Applications:

Click on the links to the right in order to download an application to amend the text of the Zoning Ordinance. Also provided is a link to an informational document that outlines the proper procedures for application and review of rezonings and text amendments.

Building Permit Applications

Permit Approval:

The permit approval is used for all projects that do not involve new construction and do not increase the size of a building or structure. The Town of Navassa must approve all requests for permits. Examples of projects requiring the Town's approval are:

  • HVAC changeout
  • Replacement of ductwork
  • Water heater changeout
  • Remodeling of the interior of an existing structure
  • New electrical wiring of an existing structure
  • Replace of interior plumbing of an existing structure

For new construction projects and projects that increase the size of current structures, please complete a Zoning Compliance Application.

Please visit Town Hall or call 910-371-2432 for the approval form

Stormwater Permit Applications

Stormwater Permit Applications

Supplement Forms, Miscellaneous Forms and Documents, Operation and Maintenance Forms, Deed Restriction Forms, and Technical Guidance: